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Autumn is here!!


Autumn is here!!

So.. It’s FINALLY Autumn, which is 100% my favourite season!!

Being born in Autumn, I think I’m just naturally drawn to the warmer colours.. The berries, mustards, deep greens and burnt orange colours.. They just all make me so happy and excited about what time of year it is..

And on another note.. HALLOWEEN!! 

I absolutely love Halloween.. But not for the idea of scaring people, but more for the coming together of friends and family. It’s that one day of the year, where we all come together, put on a costume and just have fun!! 

One thing I love about Halloween, is getting together with my loved ones and doing the best activities.. Pumpkin carving!! Is there really anything better?


Today I carved my first pumpkin of the year, and it was just the best fun getting to do it this year with the man I love!!

Oh.. And here she is..

IMG_2662 I must say.. I do think she is quite adorable if I do say so myself.. I shall be carving more over the month and growing my little pumpkin family up to Halloween 2017!!

For those who have never carved a pumpkin before, you really need to give it a go!! Get to your local supermarket and buy yourself a couple of pumpkins.. Tesco currently have them at just £1 each!! Bargain!! 


So what are you doing this season?

How are you going to spend your Halloweeeeen this year?

Share anything you’re going to do!! Give other people some ideas.. And let’s all enjoy the season and festivities together!!



Ps. Happy Halloween!! 

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Outfit Of The Week!!

Here we are again!! 

It’s that time again for my outfit of the week!! The one outfit which I have been loving and how I’m styling the pieces together!!

fullsizeoutput_ac 5236397600_2_2_1

As we all know.. I like to keep my outfits simple and quick to put together.

I have been LOVING these jeans and top as a combo. I’ve also been styling these together with a leather jacket and some simple white Nike Roshe trainers. Super comfy but still really put together.

This outfit really fits my personal style because the patchwork jeans are so different and stand out, where the top is very on trend which when paired together, is ME!! 


Now, I am no model.. And I do not have a model body.. But I love to see an outfit on someone who is real!! A person who I can relate to and has a similar body shape to me so that I know what the outfit could look like on me. So here..

fullsizeoutput_aa The picture quality is not great.. But here is me wearing the outfit so you can see what the pieces look like on. I’m a UK size 12 and that is quite an average size (personal opinion). I don’t have a flat stomach or thigh gap, and therefore this outfit looks completely different on me, compared to the models which I first saw it on..

But hey!! That’s my favourite outfit of this week and I am loving it!!

Let me know what your favourite outfit is from this week!!

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Mental Health Awareness Month

May is all about mental health awareness.. So I want to share my story.


Since I was young, I was bullied. I was picked out, pointed at and judged for every tiny thing that happened in my life. It made me not want to go to school. I would pretend to be sick, or say I wasn’t feeling good; I wouldn’t eat so that my body wouldn’t function and I wouldn’t have to go out. My family never knew I was doing this; maybe they know now, I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll ever know the answer to that. But it’s what I did..

Once school was over, I left and went to a different collage in hope of a better future; hoping that it wouldn’t happen anymore.. But it did. Somehow, I just couldn’t shake off the people judging me.

Because of all of this, I had suffered with anxiety since I was young. Around 12 years old actually. It’s not something I’ve ever really tried to face or tackle; I just carried on as normal, like I wasn’t feeling anything. But anxiety can get the better of you!!

Moving into my 20’s was hard.. Struggling with anxiety, afraid to admitted that I was holding back a lot while trying to move on and create a career for myself.. I’ve found it hard to do this. I’ve not been able to throw myself into work and really ground myself somewhere because of my anxiety. I think everyone is watching me, I feel like everyone is judging me; I can’t make a decision or try and push myself because I think and feel like other people will knock me back, will tell me I’m stupid.. But why do I think this? I don’t know.. I still think all of this..


I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that I need help.. I need help with my anxiety, because it’s not just anxiety anymore. Now, I’m on medication for anxiety and depression, and I have to go and see a therapist every week..

It’s hard. But I’ve hit a wall. And on that wall there are words and phrases written.. Things that I won’t share, but things that have made me realise that I need help, and I need it before I simply move on and try all over again. I need help, and I’m getting help. Not just from doctors, therapists and medication. But also from those I love.. They are truly helping me, more than they could imagine.

But the point of this post is for you to realise that everyone has a story, no matter how they cover it up.. No matter how many times you try, sometimes you just need to admit that you need help, and there’s nothing wrong with that..

I’m here now, ready to help others too.. I want to help.


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New Opportunities..

This may be long.. But hopefully, it will at least be helpful to some people..


So, if you’re like me and you’ve been working in the same area for a long time, and you have to work long horrible hours in order to make any money, then this is something you may want to keep reading..

I’ve always found it difficult to put myself out there, talk to new people, or apply for things that I never thought I’d be able to achieve. But I’ve always known that this is because of my anxiety, which I am getting help for. But I’ve also always known that the people around me play a big part in how I’m feeling in the moment, and have an influence on my new moves, next opportunities and and changes that I want to make.

Surrounding yourself with positive people, is a major thing that I’m trying my best to do right now, in a couple of different ways.

It seems that these days, everyone has something to complain about; weather it’s work, home, school, college, illness or anything else. But no one ever takes the time to tell you about the good things that are happening in their life. We always start with the negative and leave it there; never actually doing anything about it. Well I think it’s time to stop..

I want to start with the positive. I want to start with the good and not even think about the bad anymore.. If I seriously have to talk about the ‘negative’ then I’ll only do that if I can then follow it with what I’m going to do about it!!

I want to put myself out there now. I want to walk down every path which offers me a new opportunity, or a new challenge, or anything that will make a difference to the ‘negative’ in my like. I want to take those new opportunities and go with them!!

So the next time you hear yourself or someone else saying things like ‘I hate my job’ or ‘I wish I had more time to myself’ just ask them.. What are you going to do about it? And if you’re the one saying these things and can’t think of what you’re going to do about it, then send me a message ( Or if you just want to speak to someone new, someone who will support you and push more positivity into your life in a different way, send me a message!!

Not only do I want to help myself to take these new opportunities, but I want to help others. I want to help you!!

New Job Opportunities So here is your sign. Are you going to follow one of the changing paths, or are your going to jump over to one of these and take a new opportunity? If you’re unsure, scared or just want to talk, you can talk to me!!

And one more thing..

Good Luck!!


Instagram; @laurenrileyg

Snapchat; laurenrileyg

Twitter; @laurenrileyg


(If you need to find me on any social media, my username will always be laurenrileyg)

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Makeup Storage

I’m a huge sucker for a great way to store my makeup. I have a lot of it. A lot.

I used to store my makeup in clear acrylic drawers, which I bought from Primark some years ago. I’d cram all my makeup into in, and still not have enough space. So, I’d put my makeup away and basically not use any of it, and they would be out of date by the next time I see them again. Typical.

So here is my new storage..



Thank god!!

This is a huge box!! It doesn’t look it in the pictures, but omg. I love it!! I had this made specifically for me in the white/grey marble and copper coloured drawers. It fits perfectly in my room, and I am in love with it!!

So it’s something around 42cm long, 33cm tall and has a good depth of 18cm which is beyond perfect to store larger makeup items such as eyeshadow palettes, foundation bottles, everything!! If you don’t have one of these, or something like this, I highly recommend you get one!! I found this one on Easy, just searching ‘marble drawers’ and boom; they made three different sizes and you could pick your own colours (I took this picture from their site). I simply sent them an email with the size and colour I wanted, and it was made within a few days and posted out to me!! I was happy to pay more for postage and this was a really good price for what it is, in my opinion.

I love it!! I highly recommend!!



Since posting this, I contacted the Easy shop and they have given me permission to post their details here!!

Email them on ‘  ‘  with the colour drawers you would like and the size of the box you’re after. All of their information is on their easy shop, just search the same as myself, or thepennyfurniture..




Influential Women

So, this is a big one. I want to take a minute to talk about women in my life that have a huge impact on me, and influence me to be the best person I can be.

Many people talk about a celebrity that influences them, and don’t get me wrong, I have one of those too. Iskra Lawrence has a huge influence on me, and I aspire to be just as confident in myself as she is; I am definitely moved by the posts she makes about being beautiful no matter what.

But, I want to use this time to speak about the people who are physically in my life, day after day, influencing me, guiding me, and supporting me through the hard times.

Firstly, an obvious one. My mum.


This is my mum, Jane. She’s beautiful, strong, supportive and the most incredible woman I’ve ever know. Sorry to all those women out there, but my mum trumps you all.

She’s not just a mum to me. She’s my friend. I love her more than anything else in the world, and no matter what I do, no matter how stupid I can be, she’s there. She accepts that her daughter is a crazy mess, and she still loves me.

Sometimes, I don’t understand how she does it. My mum is so incredibly strong and brave, and if I ever become half the woman she is, I will be so happy and so proud of myself. I couldn’t ask for a better mum or friend in this woman right here. She’s my rock.

Thank you, mum. I love you.


This very strange girl on the left, with grey hair.. That’s my sister, Paighan. I know, weird name right? But my sister is amazing. Through all the hard times I’ve had, especially in school, she was there. No matter how much we fight, she’ll still drop it all and stand by my side as the best sister in the world.

Such a strong and powerful woman. She’s so successful in what she does, and that encourages me to keep going and power through everything, work and home life. She’s awesome, and I couldn’t thank her enough for what she’s done for me. Thank you, Big Sis.

Outside of my family, I don’t really have that many women in my life. I don’t think people in my work situation, or social life really impact me that much.

These women keep me grounded. They supports me, push me, guide me, and they are both just all round amazing!!
The amount of times, I’ve doubted myself, put myself down, or just flat out been like ‘no I can’t do that’.. They pushed me. Now, a couple of times, I didn’t want them to, but they still did because they’re family and I don’t think I could ever stop them. And I either had to do it, or listen to them go on and on about it. Or I just get ‘I told you so..’ Hate that. 

These three women, have such a huge positive influence on me.. Okay, maybe not always. But I think it is the so important to surround yourself with supportive people that you feel lucky to have in your life. Weather they are family, friends, work colleagues, anything.. It’s important to make you the best person you can be, and have a great support team to keep you moving forward in life.

I thank my mum and sister so much for what they have done for me, what they do for me, and what they will do for me in the future.. I love you all.

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Autumn Fitness Journey

So this season, I’m beginning a new journey.. A fitness journey


Many of you don’t know me.. But if you did, you would know how unhappy I have currently been within my own skin.

I’m changing that..


Right now.. I’m sitting here..

Autumn Journey

Which to some people I “look fine” and I completely understand that that is your opinion.. However.. I don’t see the same thing as every body else.. No matter how many times people say “you look great” or when my partner tells me “you are beautiful” I don’t see it.

I truly believe that everyone should feel comfortable and happy within their own skin, no matter what size clothing you wear.. No matter what size or shape you are..

you are beautiful

And it’s so easy for me to sit and say that, but it’s so difficult to see it within myself, and I want to think, feel and believe it for myself as well. And there is nothing wrong with me thinking this.

I’m sharing my story and my feelings here, because I’m not alone.. Just the same as you are not alone..

Join and follow me on my Fitness Journey which you can message me, work along with me and we will learn to be happy and beautiful together!!

Follow my journey on Instagram: @laurenrileyuk

I want to follow you, support you and help motivate you to see the beauty within!!

Forget “bikini body” and think about “timeless beauty timeless happiness” 


Let’s do this together!! 

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Body Confusion?!

So I don’t usually get angry like this.. BUT!!

Today I did a spot of shopping, which I haven’t done for a very long time actually.. So, I popped into H&M for a look in the sale as they had an offer on for an additional 20% off sale..

I bought two pairs of jeans for just £7 .. bargain!!

hmprod hmprod

So.. for just £7 I simply could not walk away from these.. I picked them up in a size 12 (UK) which is what I usually get when I’m shopping for jeans.. I love the detailing down the side with the different shade of denim, and the fringe on the bottom is my personal favourite trend on jeans right now..


These jeans were so small that they were painful to wear!! I could not fasten the top two buttons, and they were squeezing my hips and upper thighs.. WHAT?! 


So.. After trying these ones on, you can probably imagine how happy I was that I picked up the other pair of jeans in the next size up..



hmprod Now, these are the EXACT same style jeans, they just don’t have the rips or the side panel detail.. So, I picked these up in the size bigger, because I thought I could wear a belt and get away with it.. WELL.. 

To say these were only ONE size up from my usual size.. This pair of jeans wouldn’t even stay up right!! When I put a belt on with them, the jeans scrunched up around my waist to the point where it looked like I was wearing a paper bag!! 


H&M get your sizing right!! 


I absolutely love the fashion in H&M.. their t-shirts and dresses are so cute and the sizing are right.. But when it comes to jeans, WHAT HAS GONE WRONG?!

This experience today has had a serious impact on me.. I am not someone who is confident about my body, especially my thigh and belly area, and this just made me feel even worse about myself.. Do I not have a size?!  This was so disheartening, and I was so upset for a few hours tonight, because I didn’t know what to do. Do I need to lose a little weight? But if I do will I still not fit in the size 12? Do I just not have a size? Can I not purchase jeans or any kind of pants from H&M?

What am I supposed to think after this experience..?

H&M really need to look at the sizes in which the clothing they sell are at.. Clearly there is no set size measurements when it comes to pants and jeans. Why not?! For people like myself who love the fashion in their stores, it’s hurtful.. I don’t want to go shopping now.. I don’t want to walk into another store, to see that the clothing won’t fit me.. To think that there is the possibility that the clothing won’t be right.. To think that I don’t have a size?!

This was the most disheartening experience I’ve had in a long time.. No wonder women and young girls are so ashamed of their bodies and going out shopping is like a chore to them.. I hated myself for a few hours today, and it wasn’t even my fault!!

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Fashion Experiments

Personally, I love trying out new things when it comes to fashion.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ll buy a lot of random pieces and then always get angry when you don’t have anything to wear with them; and then they basically never make it off the hanger.

So I recently invested in a few key pieces in my wardrobe so that I can now wear those random things that I purchased in the past..

This is one I came up with.. 


I purchased this black wet look bandeau top a couple of weeks ago, and as I am super self conscious of my stomach area, I just wouldn’t wear it. Why did I buy it? However, after recently really finding my personal style I decided to invest in this shirt. I can wear this alone, or layer it with the black wet look bandeau top. BONUS!! 

definitely recommend looking through your wardrobe to find your key pieces as well as pieces that you purchased but never or rarely wear and try to look for new items and outfits you can wear them with.

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Personal Style

Everyone deserves to find their own style!!

Personally, I think it’s extremely important to find your own personal style when it comes to fashion and ‘trends’. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy. But your personal style shows who you are as a person, and you can really let go and HAVE FUN with it!!

My personal style is very hard to describe. I like to wear the clothes that I LIKE and what I think looks nice together; I’m PROUD of my style and I will wear what I like with all of my confidence and if other people don’t like it.. SO WHAT?!

Outfit - YellowHere is an example of the type of outfit I love!!

The outfit above is all from the store Pull&Bear and I’m very lucky in the fact that this store is amazing for my personal style. I would wear this exact outfit, and if it hadn’t already been put together for me, it is something I would pair.

I love layering and colour and jeans are a statement for me. I absolutely LOVE denim and I believe every single person deserves to find the perfect denim for them; whether it’s a jacket or a pair of jeans or even a skirt. Denim is key in your personal style, even if you need to customise it.

IMG_0025  IMG_0030

Here are another two examples of outfits that I believe really show my personal style.


Don’t get me wrong.. Finding my personal style has been difficult. And really, I’m now 22 years old, and I feel I’ve only just found it. But I’m happy with my style, and I want to show ME through my fashion. I don’t follow trends at all, and to me that’s important. I don’t want to be a sheep and I never follow the crowd because I like to be different, and I like to show my personality through my fashion and my clothing.

Feeling confident as well as comfortable in the clothing you wear is so important. 

You need to be you!!