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Body Confusion?!

So I don’t usually get angry like this.. BUT!!

Today I did a spot of shopping, which I haven’t done for a very long time actually.. So, I popped into H&M for a look in the sale as they had an offer on for an additional 20% off sale..

I bought two pairs of jeans for just £7 .. bargain!!

hmprod hmprod

So.. for just £7 I simply could not walk away from these.. I picked them up in a size 12 (UK) which is what I usually get when I’m shopping for jeans.. I love the detailing down the side with the different shade of denim, and the fringe on the bottom is my personal favourite trend on jeans right now..


These jeans were so small that they were painful to wear!! I could not fasten the top two buttons, and they were squeezing my hips and upper thighs.. WHAT?! 


So.. After trying these ones on, you can probably imagine how happy I was that I picked up the other pair of jeans in the next size up..



hmprod Now, these are the EXACT same style jeans, they just don’t have the rips or the side panel detail.. So, I picked these up in the size bigger, because I thought I could wear a belt and get away with it.. WELL.. 

To say these were only ONE size up from my usual size.. This pair of jeans wouldn’t even stay up right!! When I put a belt on with them, the jeans scrunched up around my waist to the point where it looked like I was wearing a paper bag!! 


H&M get your sizing right!! 


I absolutely love the fashion in H&M.. their t-shirts and dresses are so cute and the sizing are right.. But when it comes to jeans, WHAT HAS GONE WRONG?!

This experience today has had a serious impact on me.. I am not someone who is confident about my body, especially my thigh and belly area, and this just made me feel even worse about myself.. Do I not have a size?!  This was so disheartening, and I was so upset for a few hours tonight, because I didn’t know what to do. Do I need to lose a little weight? But if I do will I still not fit in the size 12? Do I just not have a size? Can I not purchase jeans or any kind of pants from H&M?

What am I supposed to think after this experience..?

H&M really need to look at the sizes in which the clothing they sell are at.. Clearly there is no set size measurements when it comes to pants and jeans. Why not?! For people like myself who love the fashion in their stores, it’s hurtful.. I don’t want to go shopping now.. I don’t want to walk into another store, to see that the clothing won’t fit me.. To think that there is the possibility that the clothing won’t be right.. To think that I don’t have a size?!

This was the most disheartening experience I’ve had in a long time.. No wonder women and young girls are so ashamed of their bodies and going out shopping is like a chore to them.. I hated myself for a few hours today, and it wasn’t even my fault!!

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